Meet Our CEO

While attending college, I knew what it means to ball on a budget. I took a chance in my freshman year of college, and ordered hair extensions from a local company that never shipped my hair or refunded my money. Therefore, I know the struggles of being ripped off by a hair company.

Being a black woman with 4C hair, I know the stress of our hair not considered to be presentable.*Starts playing India Arie -” I Am Not My Hair” * With that being said, my hair is my biggest investment. From a young girl, I was taught to make sure I always look presentable especially with my hair. From being natural to wearing extensions I love to express myself through my hair.

I started Pink Wall Street Boutique, LLC because I know how difficult it is to find affordable hair extensions with great quality from a company to trust. At Pink Wall Street Boutique, LLC our motto is to ‘ Invest In Your Beauty ‘. Invest in your beauty does not focus only on the outer beauty but as well as inner beauty. However, like many other women, I have many responsibilities and at times we seem to forget to invest in ourselves. I personally want to motivate women to invest in themselves more even if it is a new hairstyle, a new skill, a new degree or a new business I want you to invest in your beauty!